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Want to improve your chances of getting that Job?


We understand how daunting it can be going into a job interview, especially when you've never done it before!


We also understand how challenging it can be to get your CV to a point where an employer takes a second glance, particularly when there is so much conflicting advice out there!


So here's our advice for making you more employable.


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For Your CV

For Your Interview

> It’s important to tailor your CV for the role you are applying, rather than a one size fits all approach. Showcase the skills that make you a good fit for the role you’re applying for.


> Outstanding academic qualifications aren’t everything; work experience will put you ahead of the curve. Try to arrange some with local employers.


> Most employers spend 20-30 seconds scanning your CV, consider this when formatting it. It needs to be clutter free and easy to read.


> Ensure you have an appropriate email address for when you are contacting employers as you need to show a professional approach.


> Always follow a logical order; your experience should come before your hobbies.


> Work and rework your CV so that it reads well and is error free. A good length is no more than two pages.


> More and more employers use your social profiles such as Facebook and Twitter, not just LinkedIn to get a more personal view of candidates, so it’s important to look professional online too.


> So many people use phrases like ‘I’m a team player’, or list hobbies, such as I enjoy socialising with friends. Try to stand out from the crowd.


> Evidence is key. Whatever you say, always back it up with your past experiences and achievements.


> Always provide references on your CV as opposed to ‘references available on request’. This can save an employer time by them approaching your reference prior or post interview.



A CV is all about selling yourself. If you use all these techniques, you will be much more likely to be called for an interview.

> Make sure you are on time! Try to get there around 10 minutes before the interview starts.


> Employers do not expect you to purchase a suit for interview, but they do expect you to dress in a clean and smart manner.


> You should be polite, shake the employer’s hand and make eye contact during the interview (though don’t give them a death stare)


> Project yourself positively, showing enthusiasm and drive. If you don’t, an employer will question whether you have the confidence for the role, particularly if it’s customer facing.


> Open minded interviewees tend to do better. It may not be your dream job, but you should act as if it is.


> Be prepared by taking everything requested by the employer including a copy of your CV. Research your employer and interviewer, as ‘what do you know about the company?’  is a very common question. Ask a friend or family member to practice with you.


> Ask your interviewer questions. It’s a conversation not an interrogation. Find out more about the job role and the company. There’s nothing more awkward than an interviewer asking at the end whether  you have any questions and you simply saying ‘no’.


> Explain how your previous skills and achievements can help in the role you’re applying for.


> Leave your mobile phone off.


> Learn from your mistakes by asking the employer for feedback if an interview has been unsuccessful.


These techniques will make you much more employable. For more tips and advice, be sure to check out our useful links section.



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